Friday, 25 October 2013

The Dress - Foxy Goes to Work

So I took foxy to work the other day. Not a literal fox, you ninny! The fox on my foxy jumper. I think he had a great day in the office. And it certainly made my world a bit brighter!

 Sweater: dandyrions
Love this sweater. It is without a doubt my favourite.

 Skirt: Review
This is a fact. Review makes the sweetest clothing. Love love love it! Plus it's a pencil skirt that actually fits. To be sure, I can't power walk in it, but it fits and it's lovely and it has buttons (which you can probably just make out).

 Stockings: Don't know
But they are polka dot and brilliant.

Shoes: Aldo
These shoes were actually purchased in Taiwan during a sale at Aldo, and from memory cost only about $30. Cheap + Pretty shoes = Happy Hannah

Until next time :)

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  1. I'm so jealous of this sweater! I love foxes, and I must get my hands on a sweater like this. I love that you paired it with a pencil skirt for a slightly retro look too. I found your blog through Modcloth's style gallery, and I love your style! (Also, I really liked The Way, Way Back, so I loved your review above too)