Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Outing - Trip to Hawkes Bay

Once upon a time (seriously, this took place so long ago that it may now only be remembered by the people who attended as a legend or fable) Luke and I went to Hawkes Bay with my brother-in-law and his wife to visit Luke's grandparents.

It was really a lovely weekend, so good in fact that I felt the need to share these photos with you. We pretty much spent the entire time around Havelock North, which is a very pretty town and well worth a look. Here are some things you can do while in Havelock North (over the Easter weekend, when most things are shut...)

 1. Go for a stroll in the sunshine

 2. Say hi to the huge 100-year-old tree

 3. Tell your husband and brother-in-law they need to do the obstacle course / playground race

 4. Laugh at the hilarity that ensues

 5. Look at the fountain

 6. Eat an icecream (this can also be done while looking at the fountain)

7. But of course, the really neat thing about Havelock North (or so model railway enthusiasts will tell you) is... Keirunga Park Railway.

 Here you can see and ride on model railways, lovingly run by the local model railway experts.

 Here we all are.

On the way back we stopped by Luke's parents' place and borrowed their bikes for a quick ride.
 I think fluoro is really my colour...

Until next time :)

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