Friday, 11 October 2013

The Dress - She Means Business

Okay, so when digging through my "style archives", as I like to call them, I found some photos to share with you. 

For some reason the outfit below got quite a few comments at the office. The most common one was from the guys: "Why would you voluntarily wear a tie?"

This has actually reminded me that although I just bought the cutest white shirt ever (no really, wait till you see it), I would like to buy a shirt with a colour. Because let's face it, girls in ties - it's just cool.


Shirt: Taiwan
Sadly, I recently threw out this shirt as I had worn it to death. And it's just my luck that rounded collars and puffed sleeves are not in at the moment.

Vest: Thrifted
This vest actually came from a dear friend of mine (thanks Tess). Although it's really more waitress than corporate, I really love wearing it as it's lovely and fitted.

Tie: Luke's
Yep. If all else fails for fashion inspiration, try your husband's wardrobe! :)

Skirt: Glassons
I bought this like a bazillion years ago. Well okay, probably around 2007, but that is actually a long time ago in our fast-moving fashion world. 

Shoes: Overland
Birthday present from Luke a few years back. They have lasted well.

Hope you enjoyed that. And now come on girls, get those ties on and show the fellas how it's done.

Until next time :)

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