Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Trip to Europe - Paris Part 1

Okay I know, I know. I went to London and Paris with my sister 10 months ago. But do you know what, it's my blog and if I want to reminisce and look at my travel photos... well that's what I'm going to do. And of course, as always you're welcome to join! :)

 I heart Christmas markets. :)

 My sister and I - because we're insane - went on one of those sightseeing double decker buses. I know what you're thinking - so what? So do heaps of other tourists and sightseers. Yes I know, but do they sit in the open air top level of the bus when it's like zero degrees outside? - No they don't. 

 We eventually did go inside because Laura's lips started to turn blue.

 I remember being struck by the detail in all the buildings when I first got to London. They're really just exquisite. And then I went to Paris. Wow - just wow! The buildings there are works of art in themselves.

Quite happy with the fluttering of the flag in this photo.

 Laura making friends with a llama
 Laura and John at the Christmas market.

 In a word: Deliciousness!

Until next time :)

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