Monday, 5 March 2012

The Dress - Black Bows

Confession: I love how relaxed "work clothing" is for women. I know men must sometimes loathe it, having to put on their uniform of suit, shirt and tie Monday to Friday, but for women the rule of thumb seems to be that anything goes as long as you don't look like you've just rolled out of bed. Cardigans, short skirts, long skirts, blouses, shirts; it seems the line between work clothes and smart casual clothes for women has become somewhat blurred, the only distinction really being that the former doesn't involve denim.

Of course, what you wear to work also depends on your job environment. I'm sure there are quite a few workplaces out there that still insist on women wearing suits. And I have to say they always look very smart when they do. However, my workplace isn't like that. It's more of a "wear what you feel like environment, as long as you look neat and proper and presentable. Which is why I can get away with outfits like this:

(I do apologise for the photo quality - it must have been a grainy morning)

Cardigan: Mossman
I bought this cardigan in 2009 in the Review store at a Direct Factory Mall in Melbourne. I'd never bought any Review clothing before, but it was on sale and their clothing is so pretty. I really don't wear this cardigan enough, considering how beautiful it is. And it has bows!
Skirt: modcloth
 Yes, it is the oh so twirlable skirt from Modcloth again. So fun, but at a disadvantage in the Wellington wind, so I always have to check the weather forecast before wearing it (true story).

 Shoes: Monkfish
I defy you to find any shoes more uncomfortable than these. Yes, they are very cute; yes, they are red; and yes, they are flipping uncomfortable! Hence I never wear them unless I can guarantee I will be sitting on my rear for 90% of the time that they are on my feet. It always amazes me how something so pretty can hurt so much. I believe I bought them back in 2007 from Betts and can probably count on one hand how many times I have worn them - yes, they hurt that much.

Until next time! :)

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