Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Outing - Newtown Fair

A few weekends ago, Luke and I had a Sunday afternoon free, so we decided to check out the Newtown Fair.

This seems to be the latest fad. Teacup bird feeders: cute but not really necessary. Plus, I'm not too pleased with the birds at our place, as they seem to be extremely talented at defecating on our nice white sheets whenever they're hanging on the washing line!

Nothing tastes better than free lemonade icy poles. :)

 No fair would be complete without some kind of ride for the kiddies. 

And, of course, some kind of sideshow game with clowns. However, to be honest I never understood the attraction of these. I'd much prefer to buy something rather than win a prize that I'd probably throw out after less than a year. 
These were great fun. Kind of optical illusion things. No idea what you do with them, but they were pretty neat.

There are lots of wind sculptures and garden ornaments in Wellington, but I have to confess I have never seen one made out of paua shells before.

This photo makes me smile. 

I can't remember this local band's name, but they were pretty good. Nice rhythms, harmonies and tunes. I also loved the references to Wellington in their lyrics.

Until next time :)

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