Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Holiday - Montage 3

Yes, it's time again for another virtual trip to Australia. I know the summer holidays were ages ago, but the weather outside is currently miserable, and gale force winds are forecast this weekend, so I'm quite happy to reminisce of 30-degree days back in Oz. And this time we're off to Maryborough, to spend some time with my dear friend Paige. 

Well, that is of course if Dinah will ever get out of the suitcase so we can finish packing. 
FYI, this is the cat with which my family replaced me when I got married and moved to New Zealand. She now has 100% ownership of my room. I would be annoyed, but she is a such a cute cat, and it's hard to stay mad with those big blue eyes for very long.

Here we are going for a stroll and taking in some sunshine.

Luke tried his hand at some archery...

...with some success.

While I tried to stay afloat...

...good times.

Love you Paige!

Until next time :)

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