Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Holiday - Montage 5

When Luke and I went to Australia, which now seems like a very long time ago, we had a holiday inside a holiday (very "meta" of us, really). We went up to a place called Nambucca Heads, which is where my grandfather lives. Nambucca Heads is about an hour's drive south of Coffs Harbour, which is around 4 hours north of Sydney. I'd honestly have to say that Nambucca Heads is one of the most beautiful places in Australia. The sun is always shining, and the temperature never drops below 25.

 The motel where we stayed seemed to have a colony of lizards. They were called water dragons, and although they appeared quite shy at first, we soon discovered that you should not feed them because it makes them kind of crazy.
 Fish and chips on the beach. Can you think of anything more iconically Australian? Actually I think it's originally a British thing, but never mind.
 Time for some poses.

 We stayed for three days, and I really didn't want to leave. It's such a quiet, peaceful sort of place. During the summer it's always full of tourists, or "terrorists" as the locals say. The beaches and the sunshine make it easy to see why so many people choose to retire here.
 Luke admiring the mosaic wall in the middle of town.

 We also got to catch up with my Pop's next door neighbours, Margaret and Michael. They have been so good to my Pop in his old age and I really consider these guys like family. It was so wonderful to see them.
Painting the rocks along the foreshore is a tourist tradition that has been carried on for many years in Nambucca. It's a great custom: some rocks show family trees that have grown numerous branches as children and grandchildren are added. Other families have recorded every year they holidayed in Nambucca, some for more than 10 years in a row! Still more rocks are declarations of love: "Will you marry me?" is written on quite a few. I've been coming to Nambucca to visit my grandparents since I was a little girl, and I had always wanted to paint my own picture on one of the rocks.
So this year, Luke and I decided to decorate our own rock.
The artists at work.

Us with our masterpiece.
In case you were wondering what it actually says... above the love heart is Luke's Chinese name; in the middle is the character for "love"; and below it is my Chinese name. We thought it would be amusing because most people will assume that it was painted by Chinese tourists. But only we will know the truth. I guess it also pays tribute to us meeting in Taiwan.
Doesn't it look pretty?
Some more posing by the beach. We also watched a pod of dolphins swim by, although they came up too small on the camera.

Holiday pics.
You really forget all your troubles looking out at a scene like this.
As I mentioned, our primary reason for going was to spend time with my Pop. So here are some photos with us and him.
My pop and I have a very special relationship, with our own personal jokes. It was so precious to spend time with him. Grandparents are such special people, and it is so important that we appreciate them and let them know how much we love them and how much they mean to us. 

Until next time :)

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