Monday, 22 October 2012

The Anniversary - This Day 3 Years Ago

So it was on this day three years ago that Luke proposed to me. And exactly 10 months later (to the day) we were married. Yep, I really like the number 22 - well at least now I do. XD

Here is a photo of us shortly after we were engaged. Technically I think it was taken a few days later, as neither of us thought to take a photo at the time. Our minds were obviously preoccupied with other thoughts, such as: "Gee whiz, golly gosh, I'm getting engaged to this person sitting next to me and I'm going to spend the rest of my life with them." For me at least, well-planned practical thoughts such as "I must take a photo of this significant moment" fell to one side. However, you can see in our faces that a few days later we were still somewhere above cloud 9.

So I guess you want to know the story, right? Good, cause I'm more than happy to tell it. :) I've probably mentioned this before, but Luke and I met in Taiwan. I was there on a scholarship studying Chinese and he was there teaching English. To make a long story short, we met at church. We found that we really enjoyed each other's company so we spent about 3 months just hanging out as friends (what we in hindsight refer to as our time of "pseudo-dating"). During this period, our respective sets of parents both visited Taiwan, which was good because when we finally did get engaged it meant they actually had a rough idea whom we would be marrying.

After 3 months of pseudo-dating, our pastor strongly encouraged Luke to make it official and "ask me out" - although I think Luke's exact words were: "May I have permission to court you with the prospect of seeing whether or not we should get married?" What a gentleman huh? So after 6 weeks we decided that it was meant to be. I was leaving Taiwan in a month and a half, and we'd both decided that we didn't want to have a long-distance relationship where neither of us knew if there was a future. 

So on Thursday 22nd October 2009, at about 12:30pm, Luke picks me up from class at Shi Da University. We normally had lunch together on Thursdays. However, before getting a bite to eat he asks if I want to have a stroll around Tai Da Park. I say sure. It's kind of drizzling. Here's how the conversation went:

Luke: You studied Chinese Calligraphy back at Melbourne University, right?
Hannah: Yeah, I did a course. It was great.
Luke: Actually, I learnt some when I went to China for a month.
Hannah: Hmm.
Luke: Actually, I've been doing some recently.
Hannah: Cool.
Luke: Well... I've brought some with me if you'd like to see it.
Hannah: Sure I'd like to see it.

So we look around for some kind of undercover area where Luke can unveil his calligraphy masterpiece to me. I'm thinking it's going to say something like "You're beautiful" or "I love you, Hannah."

We eventually find a little sheltered area and Luke tells me to close my eyes. When I open them, next to me on the bench are two red scrolls that read in Chinese:

Will you marry me Hannah?

Hannah: Are you serious?! I don't know what language to reply in!
Luke: Thinking *Yes I am serious and at this stage any language would be fine.*
Hannah: Yes!

Below is the calligraphy that Luke used to propose to me. For our anniversary this year, we decided to get it framed. Doesn't it look pretty?

Until next time :)


  1. You guys are so cute. This makes me almost teary at how adorable it is. I love you both <3

  2. Aww that's so beautiful! And a lovely memory to get framed for the special occasion :)