Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Dress - Winter Pacman

I have written about this dress before (to see the original post click here). But the other day I was looking at it and lamenting how it was still too cold to wear summer dresses, when I suddenly realised that I could pair it with navy tights, a black cardigan and voila! A summer dress winterised. Is that a word? Oh well, it is now.

Dress: Eu
Sorry, this is another purchase from Taiwan. I did buy a few cute dresses there. I think there must be some kind of equation for this phenomenon. Girl meets cute boy = increase in cute dresses. I always get lots of compliments on it. Girls think the pattern is cute, while guys think it's awesome how it kind of looks like the graphics from an old arcade game.

Cardigan: Mango
Yes, another purchase from Taiwan. It's lasted so well, especially since I wear it at least 3 times a week - it's been a real trooper.

Tights: Glassons
You really can't beat Glassons for cheap colourful tights. I actually bought a teal pair last week. It's amazing how a cheap $10 pair of tights can revolutionise an outfit.
Shoes: Faith
I bought these shoes for - get this - my Debutante Ball (or "Deb"). Yep, way back at the age of 17 I found these shoes in a little shop in Sorrento, Victoria. I distinctly remember it because my mum and I were killing time before catching a ferry across the bay, and my stop to buy these shoes meant we had to run to catch it. 
 I was also voted "Person most likely to fall over" at the deb due to the stiletto heel.
 Despite the stressful conditions, as you can see I am still wearing them 7 years later, so they were definitely worth it.

Belt: Came with skirt
I'm really enjoying wearing skinny belts around my cardigans at the moment. I love how this really draws the eyes to the waist, which is the area I like to draw attention to the most, given my pear-shaped figure. The other day I bought a beige-coloured skinny belt which I'm hoping to partner with my summer dresses this season. Can't wait to try it out. Bring on the sunshine!

Earrings: Iko Iko
Yes, they are Lego. Aren't they fun! These actually get a lot of wear.

Until next time :)

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