Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Song - What Can I Do (But Love You)

Time for another shuffle through my iPod. Remember the Civil Wars? No, not the historical event - the band. If you haven’t heard of them, you really need to give them a listen; I did a small post on their music. And they're coming to Wellington!!!! So super duper excited!!! Must use too many exclamation marks to try to convey this feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tickets go on sale on Friday. And get this: they're coming in March next year, which obviously means they're coming for my birthday. :D

Well, before the Civil Wars got together, Joy Williams had a solo career and produced some pretty neat songs all on her own. I’d like to share some of these with you today.

Actually, I have a confession. I only just found out that Joy Williams was a member of the Civil Wars. How did that happen, you may be wondering. Well, I must admit that when purchasing music on iTunes I frequently click on the “Listeners who bought this also bought” icon in order listen to similar music. If I like it, I download it. So I can only presume Joy Williams originally got onto my iPod this way.

Anyway, Joy Williams is a very talented American singer-songwriter. She has produced three Christian albums: Joy Williams (2003), By Surprise (2002) and Genesis. However, the songs I have are from her 2009 Album One of Those Days; I have the title track and another number called What Can I Do (But Love You). Both are very well composed and easy to listen to.

In February 2009, Williams formed the Civil Wars with John Paul White. Here is her song What Can I Do (But Love You).

Until next time :)

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