Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Wish List - Seven Sartorial Spends

From reading this blog, you have probably discovered that I have a incredible weakness for cute clothing, bright lipsticks, hats, bags, shoes... I could go on, but let's not.

However, I am quite strategic when it comes to purchases. I only buy things that I absolutely love, and which make me feel amazing and beautiful when I wear them. This ensures that 1) the piece of clothing actually gets worn, and 2) that it stays in my wardrobe for years and years. Currently, I think I still have a dress I bought at 16. 8 years isn't bad. 

Fashions change so quickly now, it's like blink and you'll miss it. Not to mention the outrageous prices for poorly-made clothes. I mean, why would you buy clothing any other way?

So that is why I make Wish Lists. They help me focus on things that I want and then work out if I actually need them after looking at my wardrobe.

So here is my current list:

1) White blouse
One thing I can't work out, though, is what kind of collar I want:
Pussy bow or Peter Pan?

 I love bows, and I love pussy bows. They're classy and just a little bit fun. 

Peter Pan collars are the pinnacle of cute collars, but answer me this: why, oh why, is there a trend towards blouses/shirts that don't actually fit? Why does everyone want to look like they're wearing maternity clothing? My theory is that manufacturers are becoming so cheap that they have decided making fitted clothing, i.e. putting darts in, is too expensive. They've therefore tried instead to create the cheapest garments for them to mass produce.
* End of rant*
2) Cats-Eye Sunglasses

My wonderfully vintage-styled friend Tess has recently started up her own business in vintage sunglasses, and ever since seeing some of the styles I have been coveting a pair. I mean, what is more stylish than cats-eye sunglasses? Answer = nothing. Unfortunately for me, buying a pair of sunglasses is always a tad more expensive than for most people, as I need to get prescription lenses put in. But I can always dream, and one day... maybe one day I can get a pair.

Oh, you can check out Tess's facebook page here

3) Bullet Bra

Essentially, when it comes to looking vintage, it's all about the shape.
The female shape of the 1940s-50s was undoubtedly quite different from the what it is today, and it starts with the underwear.

Bullet bras were all the rage in the 1940s-50s as women sought to enhance their curves. During the war years, underwear was seen as a kind of "protection", and military terminology was used to reflect this... hence the name "bullet" or "torpedo" bra.

There is an online store called WhatKatieDid which specialises in reproducing 1940s & 1950s lingerie, including the bullet bra. I've been coveting their Peach bra for some time now. I'm not sure if I'm prepared to invest in a full "bullet-style" bra, just in case it's a bit... too much?

4) Coral-coloured cardigan/blouse
I really love this colour, and it would match perfectly with that $3 skirt I bought the other day.

5) Good-quality black pencil skirt

So I bought a pencil skirt in Australia. At the time I was so happy to find one that flattered my body shape, but it hardly been worn before I found it had started peeling! Arrrgghhh! The bane of my existence. So I've decided the next black pencil skirt I buy will be a good-quality one. 

6) Peter Alexander Wizard of Oz Nightie

Words feel inadequate to describe how much I want this nightie. The Wizard of Oz is my all-time favourite childhood movie, and inspired my love of shoes. Therefore, I adore anything to do with The Wizard of Oz, and I'd very much like to own this beautiful nightie, despite its high pricetag.

7) Glasses for Luke

I can never resist a guy in glasses, especially when that guy is Luke. He's had his glasses for about a million years, and so he desperately needs new ones. I think frames that a more square-shaped would suit him - but not the geekishly oversized ones. That's obviously just a fad. In ten years' time, we'll look back and say: "Oh my goodness, why did people wear glasses that big?"

Here ends my wish list.

Until next time :)

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