Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Dress - Technicolour Flowers

Okay, so I must have been in a very photogenic mood the day these photos were taken by my fabulous photographer (aka my husband). So I apologise for the bombardment of photos, but I just couldn't choose.

I've been meaning to take photos of this outfit for quite a while and I finally got around to it. So let's break it down, shall we? 

Top: Frutti
I think I've mentioned this shop before. I love it. I mean seriously - this is a gorgeous shop, and if you live in Wellington it really is a must, especially if you answer yes to the following: 1) Are you female? 2) Do you like clothes? 3) Do you like colour? 

Frutti uses the most fun colours and patterns that I have ever seen. The clothing is well made and well selected, but because of this it is also naturally more expensive than your regular chain store. 

I have now bought 2 tops and 1 cardigan from Frutti. The top I'm wearing in these pictures was on sale (even better!) so from memory it was $40. I love the bright print - so colourful. It makes me think of spring. The collar is very cute too. 

Cardigan: Mango
Yep, the purple cardigan is back. I do love a nice cardigan. I think Luke would say I have too many, but I wear one every day, so they're staples of my wardrobe.

Seamed Stockings: Farmers
No, I still haven't looked up the brand. I will do a post one of these days just on seamed stockings. One of these days...

Skirt: Target
This is the pencil skirt I have been trying to replace forever. Actually, it's really more A-line than pencil. I bought it from Target for probably $20 when I was 18 or 19 years old, so it's had a lot of use. It started peeling, so I bought another pencil skirt (for $100), but this started peeling as well a few months later. Peeling clothing is the bane of my existence. Seriously.
Anyway, since the older A-line skirt looks better than the new pencil skirt, I have decided to start wearing it again after going through it and picking off all the little peeled bits of fabric with tweezers (I kid you not). I just need to find a skirt that is as flattering as this one (I mean, my waist looks tiny and I can breathe!) as well as good quality. 

Shoes: Ashleigh Dawson
 Getting so much use out of these shoes it's not funny. Comfy + Stylish = Very Happy Hannah (albeit a little poorer).
Extra bonus pic!

Extra bonus pic Asian style.
(I was thinking that I really should tip my hat to Asian posing, given the amount of posing I do for this blog.)

Until next time :)


  1. We like your tights, and the combination between your top and your jacket. Prety look!
    Noe & Marina

  2. OMG, the seams, the stockings!;)

    1. Something about a woman in hose, heels and glasses that just gets me.