Monday, 20 August 2012

The Dress - 1970s Tartan

Okay, these are some photos I have been meaning to publish for a while, as you can see by the length of my hair (pre-Louise Brooks haircut). Anyway, I hope you enjoy them all the same.

 Coat: Just Jeans
 I bought this coat around 2007-2008 from Just Jeans. I love statement pieces (as you've probably noticed), especially when it comes to coats. I mean, who says you have to wear the standard black coat - or dare I say it, Icebreaker? Yes, these are all the rage here in Wellington. I have to say I'm not a fan of walking around in what can only be described as a wearable sleeping bag, but hey - who am I to judge? And from all accounts, they are incredibly warm. 

Anyway, I digress. I have a thing for tartan (aka plaid) in winter. It just seems to fit, don't you think? There is also a slightly amusing story that comes with this coat. My sister and I have diametrically opposed tastes in fashion, which is fine. We have different personalities as well, so why would we wear the same clothes? Occasionally we'd borrow the odd piece of clothing (mostly shoes), but apart from that we had very separate wardrobes, even though we're about the same size. However, one winter when I came home from shopping, Laura bounded into my room saying she had fallen in love with the cutest coat ever, a very 70s pink and orange tartan item (she was into 70s retro at the time, inspired by That 70s Show). My response was to pull out my newly purchased coat and say: "What, this one?"

Tunic: Dotti
I bought this top from Dotti around the same time as the coat and I thought they were the perfect match. Although the top is unfortunately showing its age, I still can't bear to part with it.

Beret: Gift
This beret was a gift from my friend Sarah, who brought it from Paris for me. So thoughtful. And it still gets lots of use, especially when paired with this coat. 

Boots: Sandler
These boots must have been a pretty "classic" style. I bought them in 2010 and a quick look at the website says you can buy them this season as well. 

Brooch: Gift
Joanna, Luke's mum, bought me this brooch for my birthday this year, and it lives on this coat. This brooch was made by a local artist but unfortunately I can't remember who. However, it always makes me happy when I wear it.

Until next time :)

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