Saturday, 25 August 2012

The House - Our First Home

It's official. Luke and I have bought our first house. It's hard to believe that the gorgeous little 1940s cottage below is ours. God has blessed us so much. Thank you for all your prayers and positive thoughts. 

Also, thank you for all your kind words on Facebook. For those of you who have requested additional information and pictures, I hope this blog post will be satisfactory. 

Obviously all the furniture in the pictures belongs to the previous tenants, but you get the idea. I can't wait to add personal touches and make it our own. I might have already borrowed a stack of interior design books from the library and am definitely going to make use of my sister-in-law's interior design degree.

Yes, that's right: it even has a porch swing. I'm not willing to admit just how big a selling point that was for me.

Before you ask, the swing set and cubbyhouse are not included. :(

 I know, I know, that's one nice cubbyhouse. 

 The garage for the 2 cars we currently do not have. 

 A cute little back porch. All in all, we have a good outdoor living space.

 No, the trampoline doesn't come with the property either. But look at all that flat grass. You know what that means, right? Croquet! :)

 Master bedroom

 Not only did we get Luke's longed-for bath, but we've also upgraded to a spa bath - fancy schmancy!

 Yes, that is a shower. You'll appreciate how much this means if you've had the pleasure of trying to get wet under our current shower, which consists of a hose attachment hooked up to our bath taps.

 Second bedroom.

 Third bedroom... with all these extra rooms, Luke and I will have to be careful not to get lost!

 This is the lounge room. I love the light fitting. There's a nice amount of space too. 

 The doorway ahead leads straight on to the dining room.

 Dining room.

 Look at that bench space! It's about a mile longer than our current kitchen.

So that's our new place. It'll be humble beginnings at first, as Luke and I don't own much furniture or whiteware. But I'm looking forward to scouring antique shops, Salvation army stores, Trademe (a New Zealand trading website) et cetera, and finding some really nice pieces.
Only 40 days left until this becomes our home. 

Until next time :)

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  1. Congratulations, Hannah and Luke! It looks like a beautiful place and a fantastic start to your new home! Super excited to visit your new house some day! :D - Mihwa