Friday, 10 August 2012

The Song - Go Faster Stripes

Time for another song. This one is by Kat Flint, a Scottish singer-songwriter, who was raised in Barbados but born in Aberdeen. She seems to be quite multi-talented: not only can she write, sing and play music, but she is also an illustrator and designer. Her tumblr page is definitely worth a look.
Anyway, as with some of my other music, I was introduced to Kat Flint's works by my Canadian friend Claire. The first song she played for me was "Anti-Climax" - after the first 10 seconds I was hooked. The lyrics are so fun and different, and it also includes clapping and kazoo playing. Something I have recently discovered is that I cannot resist a song with clapping and kazoo playing.
Unfortunately, I can't find this song on Youtube for you, so you'll just have to listen to another one. Sorry that was actually a bit of an "anticlimax"... but you should listen to it on iTunes or wherever anyway. However, you can still get a feel for the style and sounds from this clip.


Until next time :)

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