Saturday, 11 August 2012

The Dress - French Navy

So for a while now I've been wanting a navy beret to match the vintage navy leather gloves Luke bought me for my birthday. Oh my goodness, haven't I shown you them to you yet? Note to self. Anyhow, unfortunately I only started scouring shops for navy berets about 2 weeks after all the winter sales had cleared out most fast fashion stores' winter hats (not good timing at all). I already have a purple beret which my dear friend Sarah brought me from Paris, and I really like how it goes with my current haircut. 

Anyway, I eventually found the perfect beret at Hills Hats, which is an amazing internationally acclaimed reproduction vintage hat company based right here in Wellington - all the more proof that I belong in this city! Their website is definitely worth a look; they do seem to cater more for gents, though I must admit I do love a guy in a nice hat, don't you? So I went through their catalogue, only to discover they had berets in all the colours of the rainbow except navy. However, after I contacted them they said they could make one and send it to me. Which they did the very next day. Brilliant service. 

Cardigan: Esprit
Apparently my love affair with navy lives on. You might remember this is the cardigan I bought last winter.
Now, I must add that I was in quite a silly mood when these photos were taken, as the following photos clearly demonstrate.

 Skirt: Taiwanese market
I bought this skirt during my time in Taiwan. I went shopping with my friend Emily to the largest outdoor clothing market in Taiwan, Wu Fen Pu - yes, it sounds as funny as you think it does. The market was so big you could honestly have gotten lost there for the rest of your life. I love this skirt, and am quite happy that I bought it on impulse. It really is very flattering: high-waisted, pleated and coming just above the knee. I think the only clue that it's from an Asian clothing market is probably the tiny threads of silver running through it. You know they love shiny things in Asia. I distinctly remember lamenting all the nice clothing that was ruined by infestations of diamantes - definitely a pet peeve of mine.

Shoes: Overland
Another present from Luke, for my 23rd birthday. I wore these so much last winter (not having a car means our shoes get well used) that I had to have them repaired at the shoe shop, but since then they've got a whole new lease of life! Also, spending $60 to repair a good pair of shoes is much better for our budget and the environment then buying a new pair.

I hope these photos made you smile. They sure made my photographer (aka Luke) giggle a lot.

Until next time :)

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