Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Review - I Wish

So the other weekend, Luke and I went to see another film festival movie with a friend of mine. The movie was called I Wish, a 2011 Japanese production directed by Hirokazu Koreeda. The story follows the lives of two brothers who live in different parts of Japan due to their parents' divorce. Koichi lives with his straight and narrow mother at her parents' place, while Ryunosuke lives with his free-spirited musician father.

A new bullet train service is being built, and Koichi discovers that when a new bullet train passes another one for the first time, a miracle happens: any wish you make will come true. Koichi decides that he and Ryu should go there and wish that their parents will be reconciled.

The movie is very well shot, and creates the perfect insight into modern-day Japanese life from a child's perspective. It also captures the wonder and amazement that comes with being a child - the idea that nothing is impossible. There are many endearing moments in the film, and it is definitely worth watching. All the children are brilliant actors and each has his or her own unique charming personality.

Below is the trailer for your enjoyment.
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