Monday, 27 August 2012

The Dress - Maybe Maroon

So what does my wardrobe have in store today? This outfit is one that I pull out on occasion. Unfortunately, the photo quality is a bit grainy. One day we'll buy a decent camera.

 Cardigan: Mango
Great purchase from Taiwan. I wear this cardigan at least three times a week, and after three years it's still going strong. 
 Skirt: Imagination
I was given this skirt by my good friend Tess, who is also a vintage lover. To tell the truth, it was Tess who inspired me to get more into vintage clothing a few years ago. She also recently won a vintage fashion competition in Melbourne, and oh my goodness - in the photos she looks like a 1920s model straight out of some fashion shoot. A-mazing! She's also in the process of starting up an online business selling vintage sunglasses - very exciting. So stay tuned! I only wish I didn't need prescription lenses in my sunglasses. I think I'll start saving my pennies. 

The surprising thing about this skirt is that although it's possibly vintage inspired, it actually comes from a rather cheap production-line Asian store. However, the quality is amazing - slip and everything. Funny how occasionally even fast fashion can accidentally produce well-made clothing.

 Tights: Glassons
I used to wear black tights with this outfit, but I think it made the whole ensemble a bit too dark. Picking up the maroon in the skirt with matching tights really creates a bit more interest.

Sweater Guard: Virgo's Vintage

I heart my sweater guard. This is such a neat 1950s invention that for whatever reason totally disappeared off the face of the accessory world after a decade.

Until next time :)

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