Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Holiday - Our Second Anniversary Part 1

So as previously mentioned, Luke and I went away to celebrate our second anniversary 2 weekends ago. We travelled to Auckland, since I had never really been there apart from the odd business trip. While there we stayed in Devonport, a cute little seaside village just 5 minutes' ferry ride from downtown Auckland. But more about Devonport later. I want to spend this post talking about the wonderful B&B we stayed at, which can best be done through photos. :)

 We stayed at the Peace & Plenty Inn, which is run by the wonderful Judy and her adorable labrador Stanley. Isn't the building just beautiful?

 There are 6 different rooms to choose from, all with a different decor and feel. We chose the Albert room, mainly because it had my favourite decor and Luke liked the bath. 

 Fireplaces add so much elegance to a room, don't you think?

 The room came with teacups. So pretty. 

 Here is the lovely luxurious bath. 

 Bubbles on arrival to assist us in celebrations. ;)

 Judy also does Devonshire teas on Sundays. This has got to be one of the most perfectly set tables I have ever seen. 

 And if you like blue and white china...

 My mum is an avid china collector (thanks mostly to her recent discovery of eBay), so here you go Mum, eat your heart out.

 This is where Luke and I ate the most scrumptious breakfasts two mornings in a row. We had waffles the first morning, and salmon and eggs the next. Also, Judy had made some amazing homemade muesli. I normally find muesli a bit bland, but Judy's was amazing. And when paired with preserved black doris plums and berry yoghurt... yum!

 I love this teacup. After scouring Judy's collection, I decided this was my favourite. I really wish I'd noted down the label and name, as I have decided that when I start collecting china I'd like to start with this cup. It's sooo pretty.


Luke and I with Judy

So guys, if you ever need accommodation in Auckland, look no further. We had such a wonderful time, and we'll definitely be back.

Until next time :)


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  1. gorgeous china, but not a goorgeous dog! looks like a lovely place!mum