Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Outing - Hairspray

So the other week Luke, myself and some other musical-loving friends of ours went to Hairspray - The Musical. It was great. One of the most fun musicals I think I have ever seen. And I've seen *cough cough* a few in my time. 

I also happened to know the soundtrack off by heart, since my sister brought me a copy from New York when she lived there way back in 2005. I've also seen the movie version twice. So yes, there were voices singing along in my head.

The sets were amazing; the talent was incredible. You really couldn't fault any of them. They had non-stop energy, and what I really loved was they all seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.

I think that a highlight for everyone who attended that particular night was a bit of improv. comedy from Mr and Mrs Turnblad during their duet. They were both obviously very talented comedians; the giveaway was that they genuinely couldn't stop laughing, which made it all the more funny.

I also have to say that although the lady who played Tracy was extremely good and the guy portraying Link had a knockout voice, a lot of the show was stolen by Penny, whose character acting was genius.

But above all I loved the costumes. Oh my goodness - the early 1960s dresses, the petticoats, the full skirts... I wanted them all!!!!

So in conclusion, if Hairspray comes to your hometown, don't think twice - just buy the tickets. If it's half as good as the New Zealand production, it'll be worth it.

Until next time :)

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