Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Inspiration - The Vintage Lounge Room

I was kind of confused about whether to use the term "lounge room" or "living room". According to Wikipedia, which as everyone knows is the absolute authority on everything, it could be either.

"In the 19th century, the front parlour was the room in the house used for formal social events, including where the recently deceased were laid out before their funeral. The term living room is found initially in the decorating literature of the 1890s, where a living room is understood to be a reflection of the personality of the designer, rather than the Victorian conventions of the day. The rise of the living room meant the end of the dedicated room for receiving guests that had been common in the Victorian period."

So in summary, we have living rooms because we no longer have front parlours for the dead. Hmm... so maybe that's why it's called a "living room". They are essential rooms, are they not? And this is probably where you'll spend a lot of time either with your family (hence they are sometimes also called "family rooms") or entertaining guests, so you really want it to be a space you love. Therefore, without further ado, here are some photos to inspire you (I really did not mean to make the rhyme!):

 Whoever said pink and green should never be seen obviously had never seen this stunning lounge room. I also love the idea of having an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table. Moreover, look how the flowers in the vase match the decor perfectly.
 Love how the yellow cushions kind of pop!

 That armchair is saying: come and curl up on me and read a book. Can you hear it too?

 There is something that is just a "bit much" about this lounge. Maybe too many things distracting the eye.

Look at that light fitting - I mean look at it! There's lots of interesting stuff going on here. What are those panels with trees on them doing - covering windows? I'm loving the idea that you could have shutters with pictures of the outdoors painted on the inside for when they're closed. That's brilliant!

 After looking at pictures for a while, I started seeking out examples of lounges without white fabric couches. I mean, I know they look awesome in the photos, but just how practical are they? I guarantee you would stain it within a week. This photo proves that brown couches kick butt as well. Also, if you want to add more light tones, why not put out a few pale-coloured cushions? They are much easier to replace if they get stained beyond recovery. 

What do you think - was the cushion originally a part of the Muppet Show? This lounge proves that floral curtains can be chic, and are not just for granny apartments. They only really look granny-ish when paired with a floral couch, and floral rug, and cushions (I could go on). BINGO! I just realised what was wrong with the fourth photo. Floral couch + floral curtains = too much!

Another nice leather couch. Love how the floral cushions soften it up. I'm also loving all the clocks on the wall, although you could never really be excused for being late.

 Elegant couches which are made slightly more casual by the coffee table. 

 Using an old washtub as a coffee table - very original.

 Mirrors can make small spaces look bigger, and they're very elegant in this kind of frame. An additional benefit is that you can check your appearance on the way to the door.

A chandelier: the essence of refinement. 

 This looks like a more practically livable lounge, if you get my drift. 

 Again, an ottoman which doubles as a coffee table. Love. As with kitchens and bathrooms, add some flowers if you instantly want to make your lounge vintage.

 Okay, I know this is a little more modern than I'd normally go, but I couldn't help instantly loving the lime-green coolness of this lounge. 

 The browns here are very warming. I also like how a trunk has doubled as an end table.

 One question. What the heck is the pink thing? A sea urchin? However, hats off for trying to do a vintage/undersea theme.

 Do you have some beautiful frames that you're worried might be degraded by a not-so-beautiful picture? Then just hang up the frames. 

 Okay, I'm not a huge fan of the leopard print, but apart from that the beige and light blue is quite nice. 

The natural-looking vines are cool. And again, the cheapest way to make your lounge vintage is to add some flowers in vases. The more the better!

 Now you don't have to go with a traditional couch in your lounge. Why not go for a day bed instead? It's very vintage, and it can double as an extra bed when guests come to stay.

Loving how patriotic this lounge is. 

 Really more 60s then I'd normally go for. But this just goes to show that pieces from the second-hand shop could start something beautiful, and wallpaper (when done right) can be amazing.

 Now this day bed is calling to me: "come take a nap."
 Wow. I don't think I've ever seen a more co-ordinated lounge. I kind of want a dress in all these patterns as well. 

 One word. Amazing. That is all. However, why don't they build walls like that anymore? I mean, this is the pinnacle of art meets open-plan design. I almost can't stop staring. Look at the ceiling!

 If Barbie had her own vintage lounge, it might look a little bit like the room above.

 I've always loved the combination of grey, purple and yellow, and the lounge above confirms that this is a good thing.

 There is something quite cute about the symmetry in this room.

 Fireplaces are wonderful features in a living room, and they're even better when paired with a gorgeous mirror above the mantelpiece.

 Beautiful colours. Those feature walls at the back are like blue and white china.

 It's amazing what a well-draped shawl can do to a couch. 

I love that doll's house hidden up the back. 

I thought I'd save the best till last. I found this was my favourite of all the lounges. Firstly, it has a window seat. And I am a sucker for a window seat. Secondly, I love the mint/turquoise colour of the coffee table/cabinet. Thirdly, the storage space is amazing. Fourthly, I like the fact that everything in the cabinet is colour co-ordinated (this shows that I'm not the only person in the world with this obsession). And finally, the room is just beautiful.
Wouldn't you agree? Well, that's my opinion. Which one is your favourite?

Until next time :)


  1. Definitely like photos 6 and 8. But then I am a lover of plain versus patterned and uncluttered versus cluttered. But what a lovely choice you made. Just right!

  2. This page was amazing! Was wondering if you had any pictures of white + checkered draping? :)


  3. Love the last photo as well! Especially the cute kitty hiding out in it. ;)