Monday, 6 August 2012

The Wish List - The House

So Luke and I are currently in the negotiating stage of buying a house. Consequently I find that my heart seems to feel the need to pump blood around my body twice as fast and I keep on needing to remind myself to breathe (something that I normally managed to do without a whole lot of mental processing). I guess buying a house is just one of those big life discions that you’re probably never 100% ready for until you take the plunge, like getting married, or having kids or going on a roller coaster for the first time (now come on that was life changing right?).

Anyway, I guess the point of this email is to say that your prayers and good wishes would really be appreciated at this stage. Both Luke and I just want to be faithful to God and live where He wants us to be. I’ll keep you posted about the house saga.  Wow, all this getting married, working and buying houses is really making me start to feel like an adult, despite the fact that I still sing Disney songs around the house and get way too excited over twirly skirts and ALWAYS cry at least once while watching a PIXAR movie.

I hope you all had a good weekend.

By the way this is not the house we’re going buy, but since we’re in NZ I thought it might be funny if people  thought we actually lived in hobbit holes here, even for about 2 seconds!

Until next time :)

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  1. Wow, you're all growed up! Sure will pray. Gods will be done;)