Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Dress - 1940s Jeans

Jeans! But not just any jeans - 1940s reproduction jeans. That's right, my vintage-clothes-loving friends. I admired these jeans for some time, and when the zip on an old pair of jeans broke, I thought: well, here's an opportunity not to be missed.

As you can probably gather from this blog I am more of a skirt/dress wearer, but let's face it, a girl also needs a good go-to pair of pants - especially here in windy Wellington. I am quite particular about jeans. I don't think I've ever even owned light blue jeans, and don't get me started on skinny jeans. The only body shape they look good on is tall, skinny, straight-up-and-down girls. Plus, I have a fear that our generation (hee hee, I almost wrote jeaneration) is going to have a lot of reproduction issues due to the tightness of male jeans. But I digress. Let us continue about how awesome these jeans are and why everyone should go and buy a pair.

I bought the "Norma Jeans", which are a faithful copy of the popular 1940s women's front fly jeans. Mine is the 28" pair. Given my pear shape, they are huge around the waist, but then again the 26" pair probably would have been too tight on my hips. So I took them to be altered at a tailor, which made them *cough* a tad *cough* more expensive then I had anticipated. The denim is great, and in typically 1940s style it is non-stretch (meaning it's quite important to get the right size, as you can't hope that they'll stretch to your size).
 I really do hope high-waisted jeans come back into fashion. They're very flattering on a lot of different body shapes. 

Cardigan: Quick Brown Fox
Still getting lots of use out of this cropped cardigan. 

Scarf: Salvation Army
A great thrift find. I think it cost me $2.00.

Until next time :)

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