Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Look - 1920s Makeup

So tonight I'm going to a 1920s Ball. So excited! My outfit is sorted, but more photos of that later. Although I have to admit it's not authentic 1920s style. I mean, really, you have to have no shape at all in order to pull off those dropped-waist dresses properly. While researching 1920s makeup, I found these gorgeous advertisements at the Vintage Glamour Guide.

I also found the website Return2Style quite useful for explaining colours and techniques, and furthermore there's a surprising number of Youtube videos.

 Typically, film stars used very dark eye makeup, as they needed to accentuate their features to allow the camera to pick them up. So even the gents packed on the makeup: lipstick, eyeshadow, the works!

 Finger waves to perfection.

 I think this is my favourite. It is absolute elegance. A perfect example of the 1920s bow lip.

 It was fashionable to have thin pencilled eyebrows that extended beyond the norm at the ends. They were often done straight across in a sad kind of shape. 

 Grey eye makeup was very big in the 1920s. It was mostly grey with some brown and a splash of turquoise or green now and then.

The apples of the cheeks were often red and rosy.

 Look, it's Clara Bow from Mantrap as the face of Maybelline.

Until next time :)

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