Monday, 17 September 2012

The Inspiration - The Vintage Dining Room

So the other weekend Luke and I bought a dining table. We weren't planning on it, but we happened to be in the Salvation Army store and there was a nice-looking table just sitting there waiting for us to buy it. It was nicely built (and extendable), and came with 6 chairs for only $200! I was like, yes please. The chairs are upholstered in brown velvet; although this is not a complete eyesore, it's something I'd like to change eventually (when we've bought all the essentials and actually have money to do that). 

So this got me thinking about how I'd like to decorate our dining room. Like the lounge room, this is an area in which you are going to spend a lot of time, not just eating as a family but also entertaining friends. Of course, it's important to be practical and homey, and the dining room also provides a wonderful opportunity to express yourself. After all, dining isn't just about what you're eating but also the place where you're sitting.

So I had a little look for some inspiration, which I hope will inspire you as much as it has me.

Love the blue accent.

Very chic. How fabulous are those chairs?

No wait, I love these chairs. Purple and white trim. Love it. And that's a nice homage to blue and white china on the wall. 

Comfortable yet classy. And once again, having a chandelier and flowers seems to be an important part of getting the vintage look. There also seems to be a marine theme going on.

Find a nice white table and some classy chairs and paint them all white = instant chic. 

Who says your chairs have to match? As long as they have the same aesthetic, they will automatically go together. Love that clock in the corner - is it a clock? Is it a cello? Is it both?

There is a danger in having too much white. Yes, you can have too much of a good thing. Never fear, this can be balanced out by darker furniture, like these chairs. Painted wooden furniture seems to be an essential part of the vintage country feel.

The great thing about painting furniture is that it covers a multitude of sins. And when it starts to look a bit rough and the paint begins to chip, the more fashionable it becomes - you get shabby chic style!

Something very endearing here. There's a lot of playfulness and character going on.

And who said your table and chairs need to match? Funky table + funky chairs = very chic. There's also nothing quite like a solid natural wood dining table.

A little bit more on the elegant scale here, rather than the chic, but still very beautiful. I like the idea of tall windows with shutters opening onto a garden.

Simple, sweet and a great use of colours. Very attainable for any budget.

Nice colour on the walls and an interesting display of homeware.

Simple yet effective.

Classic, elegant and comfortable - the perfect combination.

Mirrors always help to expand space. 

Very blue and very classy.

Loving how the chair cushions and curtains match. I think this is the kind of look I'm leaning towards... well, kind of. Simple yet pretty.

A beautiful space - I'm loving those armchairs, that would really make you feel like the head of the table. The stainless steel creates interesting highlights. 

Okay, scrap that, I don't want a chandelier anymore - I want a ship. How cool is that?

This is a fun use of shelving, making it a real feature.


My husband really appreciates the map feature.

Elegance. I want that china cabinet.

And this is just to prove you don't have to have a separate dining room to make it elegant. Loving those chairs - they've got a garden party look about them.
This one gets ten out of ten for harmony. Wow! Look at it. The chairs, the rug, the flowers, the bowls, the curtains, the matching shapes! Oh, be still my heart!

Wow. Very grand. 

No wait, these are my favourite chairs. Look at them: the fabric, the clear legs. Wow, what a knock out. Who would have thought so much coolness could come from a chair?

Look at that feature wall of plates in the back. It's an interesting choice of wall colour too.

Check out this happy family of mismatched chairs. :) They all have similar colours that complement the natural wood of the table.

Blue! And purple! And so much fun!

Clean, simple and effective.

So much colour. I wonder if the owner thinks every morning: Hmmm... what colour chair shall I sit on today?

Isn't this fabric beautiful?

Our dining table and chairs are dark brown at the moment. I will probably leave them that way, as I'm not sure how extendable tables would cope with being painted. However, I am looking forward to reupholstering the chairs. I'm thinking a mix of florals and polka dots in pastels. But then again, by the time I get around to it I may have already changed my mind.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed that.
Until next time :)

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