Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Inspiration - Haircut Ideas

So I'm thinking of getting a new haircut, mainly because my hair has grown out and I'm starting to think: hmmm, what should I do next? I always feel like a trip to the hairdressers is a perfect time to try something new, and I completely trust my hairdresser, so why not?

I have straight fine hair, and not heaps of it. In a way this means I'm very fortunate, because it doesn't take me too long to dry or style my hair, but it also means I'm limited in styles. Now and then I find myself sighing over these gorgeous vintage hairstyles with beautiful victory rolls, but I know the limits of my own hair.

Just a reminder: this is the haircut I got last time.

So here is what I'm currently thinking about...

1) Pixie Hair Cut

A couple of months ago, my mum and sister informed me that they have been watching the TV show Once Upon a Time and that a character from the show, Mary Margaret, really reminded them of me. Well, I had no idea what they were talking about, since Luke and I don't own a TV (we only watch DVDs on our computer). So I googled Mary Margaret, and since then I've been thinking about going shorter.

Cute, huh?

Then, while flipping through a Womens' Weekly at work, I spied a picture of Michelle Williams that almost convinced me to do a drastic chop. But then I thought: Wait, both these women have a slight wave in their hair, so mine wouldn't look quite like that. Then I remembered how horrible it was growing out my hair last time it was this short, and I promptly went back to the drawing board. 

2) The Bob

So then I decided I would stay with a bob. I've had it for... quite a while now. But it works, so I like it. I don't think I'll go quite as short as last time, but what if I did something to the fringe? I really love the Bettie Page-style fringe, but I just don't feel that I have enough hair to pull it off. Also, it might look a little strange with a straight bob.

3. The V Shape Fringe

So then I started thinking: what if I had the V shape of the Bettie Page fringe without the volume? What would that look like?

 Then I found the above picture of Audrey Hepburn and that convinced me.

Isn't she just stunning? 

Plus, when you look at Louise Brooks' haircut, it is definitely rounded. 

More inspiration. 

My only fear is that I'll end up looking like a relative of Spock...

Oh well... hair grows, right? I should probably book that hair appointment now...

Until next time :)

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