Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Outing - 1920s Ball

So last Saturday night, Luke, Carolyn, Bex, Anna and I went to a 1920s Ball which was hosted by a guy named Scotty who we used to go to church with. It was a great night and most people came in costume.
I did try to do 1920s-style makeup; unfortunately I didn't take any close-up photos, so it kind of looks quite normal. Oh, well - next time. I wore my cream dress, although technically it's not 1920s-style, but come on - who actually suits a drop-waisted dress? No one. Well, at least no women with the slightest figure. However, I hoped that with some gloves, a hairpiece, my bobbed hair and seamed stockings I could pull it off.

I was so excited to find skin-coloured black seamed tights. And from Farmers, of all places! I can't remember the brand, although they were quite expensive: NZ$45. I'll look up the brand and get back to you. But they are also 40 denier, which means they should last a while. Stupidly, though, the lady on the front is wearing the seams on the front of her legs, which is quite off-putting.

Bex looked like she had just stepped out of 1922. I helped with her makeup and I couldn't believe how amazingly she fitted this look. I kept telling her all night: "Oh my goodness Bex, you look so beautiful tonight."
The fox furs were courtesy of Anna's grandmother, who had a whole pack of them. Hmmm, what's the term for a group of foxes? *Looks it up on Google* Oh, according to Wikipedia it's a "skulk", "leash", "troop" or "earth". OK, so we had a whole troop of fox furs. :)
Carolyn and I. 

 Anna and Bex. 

 Luke, Carolyn and I were very happy that there was a jazz band playing some music suitable for swing dancing moves. Here are some fun photos that Luke took of Carolyn and I dancing. I've been learning to lead for a little while now, and goodness gracious, is it hard work. Fun once you know what you're doing. However, I think I need to add some more moves to my repertoire.
Luke and I. He looks very dapper doesn't he?

This photo is to prove two things. Firstly, that we weren't the only ones there, and secondly, that we weren't the only people dressed up. Look at all those fringe dresses. I really want one now, they look like such fun to dance in!

Until next time :)

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