Friday, 21 September 2012

The Holiday - Second Anniversary Part 4

So this is the last installment of our anniversary weekend. There are lots of pictures of pretty houses and museums - hope you enjoy them.

 Let's see here, which house is more stylish? I know which one I'd pick. I mean, really - you call that one on the left a house? I call it an eyesore.

 Love round windows. So cute. 

 It's kind of hard to tell if this is a photo of me or Luke. Cute telephone booth. :)

 Parnell is a great place to visit. It's full of cafes and specialty shops. However, we were there on a Sunday and I was surprised to find a lot of the gift-type shops closed. I think it might be more lively during the week.

 Auckland Museum. Don't get me wrong, I love Te Papa and the Melbourne Museum, but there's something really special about museums situated in beautiful historic buildings, don't you think?

 This was in the toy section. I think when we have kids I'm going to give my child a wash bucket and a hand wringer! How cute is the toy iron though?

 An old doll's house play set. 

What do you think, Monopoly during World War II?

 I really wanted to take the toy elephant home. 

 They also had a fabulous exhibition on nature photography. Absolutely incredible. 

 Giant Moa!

 When my sister and I were little, our favourite part of the museum was the dinosaur bones. And I must admit I still think they're really, really cool.

Until next time :)

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