Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Holiday - Second Anniversary Part 3

Time for the third installment of our anniversary trip to Auckland. I think I might have to do Sunday in two parts as there are so many neat photos I want to share with you. Let's start with some pictures of Devonport.

 Love the old buildings.

 One of the best lolly shops I've ever been to. They had some really neat imported novelty stuff, although you could almost feel your teeth rotting when you walked in. Luke and I walked out with just an aniseed wheel each. Yum... aniseed.
 Bunting makes me happy. Love the art deco facade. 

 To be honest, in Wellington there aren't too many people who have tried to "sell" Auckland to me, but when anyone did tell me about how great that city is, they forgot to mention all the beautiful old buildings!

I mean, I could almost be in Melbourne. 

 No trip to Auckland would be complete without a photo of the Sky Tower (although I personally think it's a bit of an eyesore).

 While on the bus going to the Auckland Museum, we overheard an elderly couple talking about going to a French Market. So we decided to postpone our visit to the Museum and check out the French Market instead. 

 When we got there we found a guy playing some swing music on a violin, so we put our bags and jackets down and danced a few songs. This made the weekend perfect for me. I love the fact that we can do that - hear a good beat and just dance. It's the essence of spontaneity.

 So many yummy things to eat. It was a pity we'd had such a big breakfast, as most of the things at the Market were edible. No, scratch that - everything at this market was edible. 


 So the story with this is quite amusing. For some reason, earlier that weekend Luke and I had got onto the topic of macaroons. The problem was that I brought up the subject but couldn't remember what they were called. It probably also didn't help that I started my description with: "They kind of look like burgers." So we were very glad to find them and then consume them.

 Prawn kebab = nom noms.

Until next time :)

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