Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Song - Mille querelles

Time for some music. You might have noticed that I have a slight thing for French music and movies. I am by no means a Francophile, but you must admit that the French make some pretty good movies and music, and I do think the sound of the language itself is really beautiful. Therefore, I will happily listen to a whole CD of French and have no idea what the songs are about, but still be completely content with that because it sounds so nice. I admit that I do try to guess the meanings of the lyrics and kind of make up my own little story in my head. Is that normal?

Anyway, today I thought I'd introduce you to the Canadian duo Marc Ferland Papillon-Larouche and Elise from Eli Et Papillon (which translates to Eli and the Butterfly). Their music is fresh, lyrical and contains some great melodies. It's very easy listening and it totally doesn't matter if you have no idea what they're singing about (like me), because it sounds so good.

Hope you enjoy it. By the way, how awesome is her hair?

Until next time :)

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