Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Dress - Bargain Blossoms

I love a good bargain, don't you? I'd be the first to admit that I spend too much money on clothes. Which is why I love it when I can buy a nice piece of clothing for $3.00 - namely the skirt below! 

I remember my mother dragging me into second hand shops when I was young, mostly a large store called Savers. For a kid it was boring, it smelt funny, and there were, shall we say, some "interesting characters" who shopped there. We'd spend what seemed like hours (though in reality it was probably around 30 minutes) going up and down the aisles while my mum looked at clothes. It's funny how things change, because now I love going into second-hand stores - you never know what you could find. However, I must admit I still think they smell funny.

 Skirt: Thrifted
No tags, although it does say "Made in NZ". Wow, I think this is my first New Zealand-made piece of clothing, and it's probably definitely a lot cheaper than Trelise Cooper or Karen Walker. It also says size 16, and I must admit I do safety pin it a bit to make it fit on my hips, but really - size 16? Sizes must have changed. I'm thinking it's probably from the 1970s, given the material, pattern and length.

 Cardigan: Esprit
Yes, I love this cardigan. Yes, I wear it too much. I just like how it brings out the blue flowers in the skirt. However, I'd also eventually like to get a coral-coloured cardigan/top to go with the skirt.
 Shoes: Clarks
They match the skirt so well it's like they were made for each other. I do love matching.

 Plus look at that twirl! It gets A+ for twirlability, always an important factor when purchasing a skirt.

Until next time :)

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